Book Project Announcement: “Dave’s Hammer”

Yes, I realized today that I haven’t posted to this blog for a full six months and, to be fair, I have not been too busy. I could have posted maybe once a month and maybe those post would have contained some smidgen of genius (or rot considering the source), but no. Work, freelancing, running (a lot of running) and desperately pursuing other fascinating projects, left me with little energy to keep my creative writing up. Time, yes. Energy, no.

So what to do about it now?

daves_hammerLet’s use the blog for something else. Maybe I should blog about the world or post more shorts, but for now it will serve as my “I Am Writing” outlet. So here is the announcement, official and everything, of my new writing project. I call it “Dave’s Hammer”.

“Dave’s Hammer” is my first real attempt (because I made it official here) at writing a full length novel with the first draft finish some time before Christmas Eve. Its an ambitious deadline, but since its a first draft and I will be using the Nanowrimo month as motivation to work on it, I feel it an appropriate time frame.

A here comes the promise: 

To keep myself accountable and motivated, I will post here every Monday about my progress (or lack of it), what obstacles I’m facing, what challenges I feel overwhelmed by and maybe post a snippet or two of actual finished text here. I solemnly swear to work hard and kick ass, not loose my place too often and to not give up until the thing is done. Even it takes me well into next year.

Lets us begin then:

Working Title: Dave’s Hammer.

Current Word Count: 4013 (hopefully more by bedtime).

Goal for next Monday: 5000 new words.

Wish me luck, an infusion of pure creative genius, lots of coffee and an attitude of sheer bloody mindedness. Couldn’t hurt!

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