Book Project Update #1

Working Title: Dave’s Hammer.

Current Word Count: 4745 (woefully less than expected).

Goal for next Monday: 2000 new words.

Working on a book has taught me two things so far (not counting how fascinatingly creative I can be when it comes to procrastination):

  • One: Research is key to building a strong, well crafted narrative.
  • Two: Research is a pandora’s box that should be managed with utmost care.

This didn’t actually occur to me when I initially started writing, but should have been the first thing on my to-do list. Merry as f… I took flight and wrote my opening chapter, added a ton of headlines for individual chapter ideas and notes on everything from how the world works, political ideals, jokes (need more of those), oddball words like “Muffin” with no added context and phrases like “It should be like that thing with that guy” with no actual idea of how to use it. And then I took a well-deserved break.

And after that initial burst of creativity (and a day or two of reality snapping at it) I come back to it and realize that its filled with inconsistencies, phrases that retrospectively don’t make sense, characters that need fleshing out, etc. So that is what I been doing. I started looking into every aspect of my characters and the story, started reading up on runes, on naming conventions for the area (it will probably be set in Ireland), religious practices and certain historical events, that may be incorporated. And this took up almost all the time I set aside for writing.

The solution (and this is probably not the clever approach), is probably to continue writing and then revamp, revamp and revamp some more at a later stage as more research is done. I’m still in the first draft, so anything is game. Except the names of my characters. At least something is set in stone. For now.

So, to sum up: 

I have an additional 500 ish words, 3 character sheets about each of my main characters, a ton of open tabs in my browser waiting to be read and whole lot of writing to go. On a positive note though, I am having a ton of fun with this thing. Will update you more next week.

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