Book Project Update #2

Working Title: Dave’s Hammer.

Current Word Count: 5443 (less than expected) + 845 world notes + 3 character sheets

Goal for next Monday: Complete overview of plot treads and 2000 new words.

20131014_084418Writing sharpens the mind. It makes you curious, hungry for knowledge and ideas, for plot twists and tropes. It makes you consume content like a ravenous beast, not to steal or plagiarize, but to get inspired and engage with new ideas. So writing time gets expanded to include reading time, which becomes reading and watching time, which becomes reading, watching and note taking time, which become writing time once again. Its a peculiar cycling and recycling of content that gets digested by your brainz and then distilled by pen and keyboard to the page. And so the story grows, gains character and matures. Like wine. Or, in my case, maybe more like cheese.

I decided to work more on world building and structuring the story itself. It wonderful to have 10 different and exciting set pieces with action, drama and potential, but no actual link. So structure it is.  So I’ve create the storyboard wall here at home. Hopefully that will become a lot more populated with post it’s, lists and look like some horrifying combination of a mine-laded mind map, a post-it note graveyard and a wall. At least somewhere behind it all.

So, to sum up: Added 800+ words, giving shape to characters (and named them), created world documentation and create a post-it note graveyard on a living room wall. Cheer, and a new update in a weeks time.

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