Book Project Update #4

20131104_204831Working Title: Dave’s Hammer.

Current Word Count: 6438 words + expanded character sheets

Goal for next Monday: 1000 new words and major plot points defined (with margin for creativity and error)

No… I am not screwing with you numerically. On Monday I was in Dublin getting a fancy medal pictured on the right. And while I was exhausted and got to enjoy the usual bout of post-marathon shakes and cravings, I don’t really have a decent excuse for not writing an update. I was tired, happy, proud, hungry, without a proper keyboard and busy lying down. There. Happy? Well I was. So I did write the update. It’s out there waiting to be discovered.

So last week was all about refueling the body and getting back on track with the writing. I had a few epiphanies during the race regarding the book (a few on interesting character developments, one on making a plausible and well structured plot, a few cool conversations), but we wont have  any spoilers here. The race made it very clear

Nanowrimo is upon us and I have, yet again, signed up to write 50.000 words in 30 days. If you, or anyone you know, have a budding writer inside of the you itching to get out, then sign up and get to it. Nanowrimo has never been about quality, but about dedication to the craft. To actually sit down and put words on pages consistently. If you’re interested, you can follow me here and see (almost live) how monumentally slow I am at putting words to page.

Until next Monday. 🙂

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