Sidetracked in Edinburgh

No book update this week. I will however share some of the thoughts I had on life and opportunity, while being stuck at Edinburgh airport.

My flight got cancelled 2-3 hours after I was supposed to have been soaring over the British Isles. This was somewhat surprising, since the delay had been announced 12 hours prior, so you would have expected that the problem would have been solved by then or alternatives proposed. Alas, I got the opportunity to watch some 100 passengers scramble to the check-in desk in a mad dash to get a seat on the next time flight, get alternative travel arrangements in place, etc. And initially I thought “crap” followed by “really?” and replaced a general sense of uneasiness. This, and I assume for many others, was taking me out of their comfort zone. That mental space where you’re in control, where everything fits into their little niches and where there are no real surprises.

Why am I feeling uneasy? The comfort zone is just that, it’s comfortable and non-threatening.  It’s safe and secure. It’s a place where nobody is challenging you. And I feel stuck in it right now. And apparently a little fearful of leaving it. Why else would the uneasiness be there. And the sentiment was shared by the crowd. “This is not their comfort zone, do something airline personal to put me back there.”

So I decided to see this break from my plan to do something interesting. I went to check out this view (since I’m posting this via the mobile app, I hope there is going to be a picture). And then I’m going to evaluate some lifestyle choices.

Next week I will update you all on how the writing is going. Until then…

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