Book Project Update #5 – Killing Darlings

Working Title: Dave’s Hammer.

Current Word Count: 8701 words

Goal for next Monday: 3000 new words plus more structure, structure and structure!

Slumped over dead!

The past two weeks were tough, just look how I am slumped over. The narrative took over my brain and the tone was set for a stronger and more engaging plot. As words appeared on screen and notes were taken, the story was pruned for unnecessary b-plots, erroneous ideas and stale characters. Today we mourn the loss of Mary and Molly (their fictional identities are being withheld for the sake of their non-existing loved ones), two characters that were conceived as opposites of personality, origins and intent. Two characters that should have seen both sides of the conflict, seen the fear and joy of winning and losing the fight from so divergent perspectives, that their stories could have filled their own separate books. But the narrative has taken Joshua and his colleague to places I didn’t expect, so for the sake of the story, Molly and Mary have to go.

I have conceded to myself that the issue probably lies less with the ability of the characters and more with my lack of skill writing a convincing female character and complicated plots. Currently my protagonists are (dimwitted) males, an old mean hag, and a dog (it’s a very good dog, mind you). I’m pretty sure I have the dog and the males down, and the hag is just a hag. An old bitter woman assigned to a job or task, that she fulfills to satisfaction but doesn’t really like. Not central in the way that Mary could have been. For now she and Molly have been placed in the “Potential” bag of ideas.

I have also taken to use Evernote extensively for on-the-fly research. For anyone with a smartphone/computer, it makes it simple to quickly create a notebook for your project and organize your notes, links, pics, research, not-entirely-thought-out plots and ideas. Just a thought!

Next week I might post an excerpt from my opening scene. In any case there will definitely be an update of a fascinating and engaging variety.

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