Book Project Update #6 – Working in Bursts

Working Title: Dave’s Hammer.

Current Word Count: 12091 words

Goal for next Monday: Another 3000 new words!

20131125_205838_Richtone(HDR)So… That worked pretty well. I actually managed to add the promised 3000 words to the book. Alas, I must disappoint you since I will refrain from sharing any finished work, simply because its not finished. Its the first version of the first draft. Getting from draft to an actual product is going to be interesting. The most likely outcome would be a quick giggle at my expense due to lack of proper (refined/finished) grammar and a confused narrative. Giggles my well-shaped posterior.

It was refreshing (and surprising) that I managed to actually get 3000 words on the page this week, five hundred of which were generated while waiting for my flight out of Stansted. While I have been in worse airports, Stansted is notoriously boring. After visiting the whiskey store and annoying the Super car Salesperson, who seems to think that “wanting to make all my friends jealous by winning a Super-car” was a prospect worth pursuing, there really is nothing to do. Unless you like shopping and eating crappy food. So its a good environment to focus on some writing and brainstorming.

So the conclusion this week: I do my best work in short controlled bursts.

And tagged on to that: Inspiration comes from the strangest of places. Like my wall pictured above. Oh, and London probably helped.

Until next week….


And I changed the structure/format. The narrative is much more plastic now.


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