Site Update and the Amazon-Comixology Kerfuffle

As a spur of the moment thing I decided to invest in my own site for the blog, change the theme and will be adding content about me, projects I’m working on and a page on commissions. Isn’t it pretty? Well it is and who are you to judge?! It’s going to be a slow process, so be patient. Or at least don’t yell at me.

The Unread Library
My Unread Comic book Library

In other news; Amazon has apparently acquired Comixology, my favorite digital comic provider, and stripped out the ability to do in-app purchases on Apple devices in favor of sending readers to the Comixology website. This seems minor, but as this article over at explains, it is a major blow to increasing readership among the non-initiated audience. I recommend reading it now. Like right now. You’re reading this, so you have the time. Click the link. Clickety-click-click-click!

From here on I will assume that you at least skimmed the article. So, I am pro-reading regardless of format and content, so any product I use to consume my purchases through should be continually improved, be it the Kindle, the Comixology app on iPhone or some generic Win8 e-book reader. Stripping out any functionality or adding steps to the procurement or reading process is an extra step away from an improved user experience. And, more importantly, since the idea of a tablet/phone is to have a self-contained device that can be used independently from the computer, then the added step is a step away from a self-contained device. Double bummer. I won’t go any further into Amazons decision, except to say that it is short sighted and too focused on improving/pushing their own platform, rather than providing a proper experience for the reader regardless of platform.

But what do you think? Amazon is fully within their rights as a company to treat their product line as they choose, but should they? Is the added step for App user just a live-with-it inconvenience or a bigger problem? Let me know.

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