Reviewing 2014

Welcome to 2015! I hope you had a great 2014, if not, then it’s finally over and 2015 is going to be so much better. So, how to review my reading and writing in 2014? Well… Abject failure is one way although that would probably be overstating it, as I did actually read and write stuff, just not at the level I hoped for.

Expecting to completely read 52 books cover-to-bleeding-cover in 52 weeks, while balancing a work life, video games, marathon training, attempting my first novel, and writing for this blog, had its issues. I managed 27 books, plus a few that I gave up on halfway through for various reasons, so I shouldn’t be too unhappy. And there were some spectacular reads in there like Snuff by Terry Pratchett and Wired for War by P. W. Singer, I highly recommend both.

The writing also went awry for several reasons. The blog took second place to writing a book, the book took second place to work, and work made me switch countries. The book then dropped off the radar when plot holes started tripping up my fingers, and I accidentally clicked off the power to the dish itself, leaving a non-writing void in my brain that kept coming up with bigger and better plots, storylines and one-liners, and too many excuses to count. So the old idea was put on hold (in a shallow grave outside of London) and the new one is being hashed out. Also the blog became the guilt-ridden backdrop to my everyday life of not-writing-enough. Messy… Messy… Messy!

So… what are my hopes for 2015? I suppose they are to:

  • Complete my first book (first draft ready for review by end of 2015)
  • Make regular contributions to the blog (every 2 weeks tops)
  • Read 52 books (head over here to follow my progress)
  • Potentially start a podcast (that will supremely f*** with the above)

That last one is more threat, than promise. Might be fun to try a different avenue of expression. If anything, 2015 is looking bright.

On that, I wish all of you a happy New Year and a great 2015! Cheers…

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