Out in the world (writing)

Light and stylish!

At the time of writing, I am literally throwing stuff into bags and suitcases, missing it by mere meters, then picking it back up, folding it nicely and wondering why the hell I would be throwing anything into a suitcase. Pack nicely and thou shall be rewarded with nicer clothing and less broken gadgets. I’m heading to Budapest for some rest and relaxation, but hoping to get some writing in (like a few blog posts and other creative outlets).

I thought I would do a quick share of my current writing on-the-go setup. Normally I haul around my old Lenovo laptop, a stalwart companion from my university days, but its on the heavy side and the battery needs to be taken out back and shot. Oh… And the screen is looking a bit worn. And for the occasional bit of writing I do on vacation, it ends up becoming a liability.

Solution: Get a Bluetooth keyboard for my tablet, a decent writing app (Write/Evernote/Simplenote) and an easy way of exporting any files to the laptop (Dropbox). Automate it all and boom. Its probably not the most efficient writing setup but for travelling, on-the-go writing and not-snapping-my-spine lugging stuff around, then I think I’m good. And it looks pretty cool too. And has comic books. For anything reading wise, I have my trusty Kindle Paperwhite.

Should you be interested in more content about working on-the-go, I have a few posts on my old blog Office-not-available that might be of interest. If not, I hope to bring more content, written and produced in Budapest. Or just in the airport.

But what do you think? Should I be bothering with getting any writing done on my vacation? What is your preferred setup on-the-go? Let me know.

Next post will be up on Saturday the 18th of April (around 16:00 GMT).

2 thoughts on “Out in the world (writing)

  1. Just wondering: Did you think about battery live? There are some great batteries which will keep you going if you decide to go caming in the middle of nowhere for some creative writing.


    1. I carry an Anker 10000mAh portable battery just to make sure I dont go down completely. But so far the writing hasnt been so over the top that the tablet ran out. Might change in the future, but for now its sufficient.


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