Quickie (update)

62283805Life does have an uncanny way of dumping everything it can on top of your head and then expect you to keep putting out stuff; be it quality time with friends, delivering tasks at work, making your running work even remotely well and pushing blog posts to the world at a regular schedule. Maybe I overdid it a bit resulting in me being too tired to write. So I’m skipping the whole “regular” schedule for the time being in favour of a “when I got f***ing time” schedule for posting content. And I do have a bunch in the pipeline.

Here’s a quick list of subjects (in no particular order) that I will be tackling in upcoming posts:

  • Spoilers in movies, trailers and books
  • Coffitivity, Rainymoods and other reading enhancers
  • Rule 34
  • Understanding (un)common literary devices
  • Science fiction is not just space ships
  • Best-seller lists
  • My fear of accidental plaigerism
  • Rule 63
  • History (related to ISIS)
  • And more…

I am also playing around with my site, making it prettier and more diverse, so do stick around. Things are happening, even if you can’t see it. And if you can, get out of my house. Freak!

And if you like my content, share it where sharing is done. There are some buttons for that somewhere around here. Give a bit extra stress in my day-to-day life. 🙂

And if there issomething specific you would like to hear me rant about, be it news items, literary works or just life in general? Let me know.

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