Archi’s Diary – Episode 1

As part of increasing my writing output, I’ve decided to experiment a bit in a format that is new-ish to me. I’ve kept a personal journal at times, which I updated rather infrequently, but felt that the format could be fun to play with creatively. So I started outlining various ideas in journal/diary form that slowly morphed into the idea of Archi’s Diary, which will be a weekly update from my favorite amnesiac’s journal, as he tries to adjust to a world he doesn’t remember. I’m still working on stylistic elements but for now here is the opening episode of Archi’s Diary.

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Episode 1 – January 2016

Hello world. I’m not entirely sure how I’m supposed to write this, so I’ll just address it to a third party that’s me. Is that okay? Yes, it is. I can make that decision. Oddly it feels like exposition for myself. I looked up writing and rhetorical devices just to check. Also, it feels like talking to myself. Is that weird? I’m sure it is…

I’m Archi, or Archimedes according to my birth certificate, but the technicians here call me Archi which sounds nicer. This is my last week at the Koldberg Institute, and it’s been terrifying and amazing and complicated. I should probably say that I suffer from some kind of amnesia, so everything feels new and weird. My contact at the institute suggested that I keep a journal to put my thoughts straight, and compile any questions I might have for my caretakers, which I can say is a lot. Like hundreds of questions every day.

As I write this, my memories feel limited to the past six weeks of training and anything prior to that is shrouded in darkness, as if my head was pumped full of cotton candy and whacked with a bat a few times. The medicine they gave me is supposed to help with that. One good thing, and don’t know if this has to do with the amnesia, is that I seem to be very good at learning and recalling what I’ve learned. It’s all been one long learning process with language, social skills, why I use a toothbrush, telling time and so on being jammed into my head.

Today I was placed in this small apartment that I’m sitting in now. They tell me I’m in a ‘village’. Must mean it’s smaller compared to the other descriptors like ‘city’ or ‘metropolis’. I have to look that up on that internet the owners gave me access to.

I feel lucky to be taken such good care of… This is my life:

  • Small studio apartment plus a small stipend from the institute.
  • A satchel with clothes and the tablet I am writing this on.
  • Nice neighbors that give me coffee for free.
  • My blank slate ready to fill in.

My agenda for the next week looks pretty promising. They told me that revealing what little they know about my past could result in a *shock* and a *catastrophic failure in aligning current self with actual self*. Whatever that means.

A note on food:

I have no frame of reference when it comes to food except what they served at the cafeteria at the institute, which wasn’t really the best culinary experience according to the guards. Tried chocolate once, it was amazing. I hope to find more now that I’m out. Also decided to try a bunch of different foodstuffs starting with cinnamon cereal this morning. It was heavenly.

Questions to look up:

  • Who am I? Do I have a family?
  • How many people are there in this village or even the world?
  • What is this church thing?
  • I heard the driver mention a justinbieber. Is this a person?
  • How come I can write this well, but not remember anything?

I guess it’s time to play catch-up on life. It’s now late afternoon, time to try this internet thing.


And that’s it. Will be playing with formatting, cover and content for the next couple of episodes, but do tag along. I promise, it will be worth it. For now the plan is for 50 journal entries and should Archi make it to 2017 and still feel fun, possibly another 50. Who knows. 

Thank you for reading. Do share, like and subscribe. It makes life better all-round.

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