Archi’s Diary – Episode 6

Welcome to the next episode of Archi’s Diary, a weekly entry in my favourite amnesiac’s journal as he tries to adjust to a world he doesn’t remember. Still going strong with the placeholder image for now but should change soon.

Episode 6 – February 2016placeholder image

Finally, good things are happening.

Steve has really warmed to me since the whole meltdown/church/coffee kerfuffle. He seems to be in a better mood, is more positive around me and started helping me get adjusted to my new life. He helped me get some maps from bookstore, got me my second  new laptop (don’t ask), synced it to my smartphone and installed some proper software, plus he introduced me to the sweet concept of instant coffee. It’s still a vile beverage when consumed without sugar, but at least it takes the labour out of making it. Oh, funny thing. When he’s really relaxed, he starts calling me Anthony instead of Archi. I haven’t brought it up with him yet. I like the name, but it’s not really me.

I’ve also been thinking about about the future, about what my life should be like. I suppose I could focus on who I was and where I came from, but does that really matter if I don’t remember? I look in the mirror every day and see an unfamiliar face, an unknown person that’s supposed to be me… but I don’t know anything about this person. I don’t know if he loved coffee, if he was mean to the cleaning lady, if he was a Trekkie, or a superstar in the kitchen. I know nothing about him, except that he’s not in here. Not the slightest trace. If I am the sum total of my experiences, and my experiences stretch back for about 10 weeks (give or take the stay in a hospital bed), what does it matter what came before? I got, perhaps reluctantly, perhaps not, what many people only dream of; a fresh start, a clean slate, tabula rasa. And that is who I am now. This is who’s going to go forward.

Well… Not really a total tabula rasa, since I can write and walk and talk and all that, which is still freaking me out. And I can juggle. With 3 apples and a knife at the same time. Found that out today. Didn’t know how to stop though.

I think what I need now, are experiences and goals. I lack the former to be able to make quality decisions on the latter. I need to build a foundation to make decisions from. Most places I’ve read claim that travelling nurtures the mind, body and soul, so that’s what I intend to do. And Steve is helping me decide where. We went over some ideas for destinations, like touring the capitals of Europe, going to Qatar to see a safer part of the Middle East, hike the Serengeti and visit ancient ruins in Mexico, plus he gave me advice on how to avoid getting hustled, mugged and/or killed by less savoury individuals in most of those places. He was quite, um… colourful, when it came to self defence. We even put up a map on the wall and riddled it with pins and notes. We also talked about Willy for a bit, when I felt comfortable enough to reveal that I’d snuck out. He seemed unsurprised. Go figure.

Besides that, the rest of my week has been exclusively about computers. Like I mentioned, Steve helped me with the initial setup, but I’ve done some studying myself. I’ve gone through:

  • a comprehensive history of computing
  • taking apart and rebuilding a fried laptop (not that it works)
  • completing basic, advanced and superuser courses
  • written scripts just for fun
  • learning a bit of coding (C++ and Perl with a dash of Lisp and a sprinkle of Python)
  • reading up on the fundamentals of hacking and cracking, which appears to be more about mindset and social engineering.

And I bought myself some screen glasses with blue filters to stop myself from getting massive headaches from staring at the screen for dozens of hours. I need a resting/sleeping schedule or I might exhaust myself again, which is probably what happened last week. All work and no sleep makes Archi a dull, head-thumping-against-the-floor boy.

Still haven’t told Steve about the memory stick, the cracking of which has been a source of much frustration and procrastination, but I’m OK with not telling him. Everyone needs their little secrets and I only have this one. The second new laptop is nice, the first one I got on Monday also got fried by the memory stick when I failed to authenticate the password. Must be some kind of zero day exploit that has gone undetected or intentionally unaddressed. Pretty substantial one at that. Or the memory stick is intentionally designed to fry electronics. If I don’t get anywhere by next week, I might need to open it up. This is quite vexatious yet oddly thrilling, like I’m the central protagonist in some elaborate mystery story dodging detection while desperately searching for clues to my past all the while an unknown shadowy adversary watches from afar. Silly, but exciting!

Going to finish up now. Inger is coming by tonight for dinner with me and Steve. It was Steve’s suggestion since we’re stopping with the daily blood tests and it might be nice to do a wrap up with her. Not sure about the ‘nice’ aspect. I don’t like the woman and I feel that her ‘origin story’ about me is utter bovine fecal matter, but as long as she doesn’t fling it at the oscillating unit I’m sure it’ll be fine. I don’t know. Need to figure this out.

Still. I think I’m OK. I feel OK.

End of episode 6. Share, like and follow for weekly updates. Thank you for reading.

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