Archi’s Diary – Episode 8

Welcome to the next episode of Archi’s Diary, a weekly entry in my favorite amnesiac’s journal as he tries to adjust to a world he doesn’t remember. Still going strong with the placeholder image for now but should change soon.

Episode 8 – March 2016placeholder image

First off, I realise now that the duster was a bad idea. If I need to run, I probably shouldn’t look like a reject from a spaghetti western or a stunt double for a Harry Dresden movie (not that one exists yet, but the world seems to be a bit obsessed with new franchises so I’m not holding my breath). My aim is to blend in, so I traded the duster with Willy for a proper outdoor jacket. It’s blue, for the record. Also started learning a few languages (Spanish, Urdu and Russian) so I can get by, wherever I might end up. Might even become homeless, but it’ll be on my terms. And at least I’ll be able to chat with my fellow transients and beg in the local vernacular.

I do intend to leave. My plan is to take a bus to the nearest railway station and then a direct route out of the country which invariably means a ferry or something. I don’t have a passport, so the airport or the Eurostar are out of the question. Also, I don’t really fancy being trapped in a metal tube going 800 km/h in the sky. I might be inexperienced, but that seems foolish. In an unrelated conversion with Steve he mentioned something about getting killed in a mugging or vaporized by lightning strike being more likely than dying in a plane crash. Sure, but I don’t go looking for any of those. Steve almost exclusively refers to me as Anthony now, and I’ve stopped correcting him. I mean, it really doesn’t matter to me right now, and if it keeps him happy and away from my plans, all the better.

However all this pales to the fact that I broke the password on the memory stick and had my mind thoroughly blown. I got in on my third attempt, using a list of common passwords. The password was “Password1”. Are you serious? That is not security. That’s a child attempting to be clever. If the password is that easy, it’s hardly ‘protected’.

Mind blown – Part one.

And what did I find?

Two video files. I watched both several times yesterday and they’re disturbing. The first one is a 4 minute long video titled ‘Incident_Cam2_1-3.avi’, which I’ll analyse in great detail tonight. It’s unclear what actually happens, but it appears to be a surveillance footage from a laboratory. I couldn’t readily make out the ceiling or side walls, so it must be outside or in a cavernous room. The person in the video is me, and I’m pacing the chamber when a large circular object or hole appears. I can’t tell if it appears around me or in front of the camera, but when it disappears I’m lying lifeless on the floor.

The second video is titled ‘Anthony_Ames_Recovery_Suite_FULL.avi’. It’s a timelapse of my stay in the medical bay with Steve, Inger, and a few other people I don’t recognise, orbiting the gurney while performing medical procedures, or just watching me. Inger really nailed the stand-around-and-observe thing.

This find is really not helping my anxiety. What exactly happened to me? Was that what caused my amnesia? What was that bubble/hole/orb thing? Where did it come from? Can anyone please tell me what’s going on? I feel like I’m getting kicked down the rabbit hole by an unseen boot of circumstance. And is the name in the title my real name?

Other things on the stick;  some sort of software agent that connects to an external database, which I haven’t attempted to use yet. A complete medical record of me, which is also disconcerting to say the least. It refers to monitoring brain patterns for abnormalities, DNA matching and it has a literal confirmation that I am “human”. Human! Why would you need to confirm that? And lastly a David Bowie album.

Mind – seriously – blown – Part two.

I got to go… get away as soon as possible. Clear my head and get some perspective on this mad situation. I still need to get:

  • passport or a replacement of some sort (need to research which nationality is most accepted)
  • a new uncompromised smartphone (or similar device)
  • money, preferably more than one type of currency
  • a weapon of some kind

So the plan for now is to:

  • go over all the information again
  • test the software agent to see if I can get more information
  • find whoever gave me this information in the first place

I need a break!

End of episode 8. Share, like and follow for weekly updates. Thank you for reading.

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