Archi’s Diary – Episode 9

Welcome to the next episode of Archi’s Diary, a weekly entry in my favorite amnesiac’s journal as he tries to adjust to a world he doesn’t remember. Still going strong with the placeholder image for now but should change soon.

Episode 9 – March 2016placeholder image

Most of this week I spent in my room faking the flu and making plans. Steve and Inger have been checking up on me daily, but I’ve been able to keep them out. If they watch me through the smartphone, they would only see me covered in blankets, drinking tea, and furiously blowing my nose. The deception seems to have worked well enough. Everything is now packed and ready to go and not a moment too soon. I managed to obtain most of the travel gear I need through a variety of means like borrowing, shopping and stealing, the latter being Steve’s wallet since I’ll need cash. I’m not even going to apologise to Steve, this is the last time he calls me “Anthony”.

As I’m writing this, I’m downloading as much information as I can manage from the database the software agent connects to. Probably a fraction of what’s actually on it, but I don’t have more time. Once the hard-drive is full, I’m gone. I’ve found a treasure trove of transcriptions (mainly interviews and research notes), some schematics and blueprints, deep web tools and resources, and the remaining surveillance videos, which are the main reason I’m leaving right now. Why is all this stuff even on an externally facing database? That doesn’t seem secure. Must make a mental note on that.

Anyway, I’ve re-examined the first video intensely and it’s terrifying. That orb or sphere thing appeared around me and not in front of the camera as I initially thought. When stepping through the video frame by frame, it’s clear that it appears out of nowhere around me. Does that mean I was targeted or was it accidental? I still don’t know what it is. The room itself is very spartan so any guesses to its purpose is futile.

The second video shows Inger running to my aid after the orb evaporates (?) along with the lab personnel coming in left and right. I recognise some of them from my visits. Except on my visits they were friendly, helpful and unarmed; in the video they carried rifles of some kind.

That’s not the reason I’m leaving now though. It’s not even Inger. She seemed frightened, maybe even hysterical about my condition. No, it’s because of Steve. He’s been watching me for months now, following me, spying on me… and in the third video he puts a gun to my unconscious head! It’s a compilation of security footage of me as I was taken from the incident room, past something that looks like a inside-out electromagnet, down various hallways, into the break room from the time lapse video. At this point it’s really just a break room. Steve is there having coffee and looking mighty freaked out. He and Inger appear to be having an intense conversation, when he suddenly pushes her to the floor and puts a gun to my head. To my unconscious and very defenseless head. What is going on? I should be seeking answers, maybe build a life, but I can’t stay here. What happens if he snaps? Snaps again, I should say, since he’s most certainly the reason I “blacked out” a few weeks ago. The video ends with him getting tackled, wrestled to the ground, and summarily disarmed by security.

I feel numb and helpless and ignorant. And very exposed, I need to get out of here. And the list questions just keeps getting longer:

  • What was that orb thing, why did it wipe my memory?
  • Will it come back, will it come for me?
  • Where did this memory stick come from, who gave it to me and why?
  • Why am such I a threat that Steve felt necessary to put a gun to my head even when I was unconscious?

Steve is not in the house now, so this is the perfect time to leave. Everything is unclear except for following: I am Archi. Whatever happened before, whoever I was, that person is gone. I came into being on a hospital bed three months ago. I’m not this Anthony Ames, I’m also not some child, nor a victim. Anthony is just some guy in a video footage who had an accident; maybe he’s a happy memory to some, but he’s just the unknown past to me. Who or what I was is immaterial at this point.

I have a few hours until nightfall, then I’m off. There’s a village a few miles west from here, where I hope I can lay low until morning, then take a bus to the coast. Right now, I’m going to accidentally drop my phone in the toilet. Until it flushes.

End of episode 9. Share, like and follow for weekly updates. Thank you for reading.

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