Archi’s Diary – Episode 13

Welcome to the next episode of Archi’s Diary, a weekly entry in my favorite amnesiac’s journal as he tries to adjust to a world he doesn’t remember. Now with a proper cover by Patrick Crooker. Go visit his website at

Episode 13 – April  2016ARCHISDIARY_CoverArtBlog

My sleep hasn’t improved this week, but at least Undead Steve and the sphere have stopped visiting me in my dreams. And I do feel a lot more positive. Kerstin, Queen of the Forest and apparent good samaritan, invited me to stay at their place today. Well… More that I could pitch my tent in her garden, use their facilities, and have permanent access to Wi-Fi. I’m still afraid to let anyone get close to me, but considering I’m also out of money and food, I’m running out of options. I would prefer not to starve AND have to hunt for a public restroom, so I decided to accept.

The offer came after I managed to run into her not once or twice, but three times this week. Must be kismet. Or I just happened to be camped next to her usual running route and I haven’t been hiding that well. We’ve talked extensively about my supposed trip, which she clearly thought was a veiled way of saying “homeless”. Technically that’s not far from the truth, so I didn’t correct her, just let her make her own conclusions.

I also learned a bit about her; she’s a college student and lives with three others (Dennis, James and Christina) in a shared house near the center of Folkestone. Apparently all 4 of them are also volunteers in the same worldwide student organisation, and thought living and working together was the best of both worlds. I’m not entirely sure what they do. Kerstin spoke so fast and with so much enthusiasm, interspersing her sentences with so many acronyms that I almost thought it was a different language. I think the organisation is called AISEK? Seems an important project for them.

I still can’t believe how incredibly generous they are. Sure, it’s just a tent in a garden but it’s also a break from my usual routine: finding public toilets, hoping my camp didn’t get ransacked, and begging/stealing to get something to eat. Had to steal again this week, which I always consider an unnecessary risk (although my technique has improved). I can’t afford to get caught, the unwanted attention could prove detrimental. So all things considered, Kerstin and her friends are providing me with some much needed leeway, which I deeply appreciate, as it’s also giving me time to think. I need to make long term plans, such as where to go, how to build a base of operations, what to do, etc.

When I was still living in the woods (and I wasn’t stealing for food) I spent a lot of time thinking about the videos. I came to a tentative conclusion on what happened, except it’s insane and scary and clearly not normal. I could also be wrong… The sphere in the video is a portal of some kind and either the sphere itself, or whatever came through it affected my brain. Maybe opening the portal disrupted or altered my brain patterns and shut me down temporarily, which would explain the amnesia. It could also account for the difference in my and Anthony’s behaviour, which is why I make everyone who knew him so sad. Or maybe what affected me was an agent of some kind (like a gas) that doesn’t appear on the video. I mean, the sphere thing is clearly there. Slightly distorted, but otherwise clear as day.

Not that this speculation is anything useful right now. It’s still just a theory, yet questions and theories keep piling up with little to no resolution. Is it really a portal? If so, where would a portal like this go to or come from? Is the Institute playing with portals? Did they actually make it or are they studying it? They deal in advanced technology, so it’s not that big of a stretch to think they’re directly involved. But to what end?

I also found a folder filled with some kind of incident reports. Except they use a ton of codewords and acronyms (more acronyms, bah!). I copied one instance.

Project: Dee

QEL: 20.684104, -88.567311

Date/time: UTC-03:44, May 1st, 2015

Type: Unknown

Casualties: 5

Notes: Arrived late. No apparent artefacts. No temporal fluctuations. Event appears to be seasonal. Other party not identifiable.

What is this project Dee? And what does all this mean? There are several similar projects, I have no idea what they mean. What the hell is the Institute into?

I don’t understand any of this, not really. And does it really matter? What if I’m I’m 100% right and the Institute is behind the sphere, whatever happened to me and who knows how many freaky experiments? I mean, what the hell can I do about it? I can’t just infiltrate the Koldberg Institute to get my answers. I’m only one man, and I don’t know anything about the place. All I’ve seen is the front door, some corridors and the kitchen, but that’s it. God, I am so confused all the time. At this point I’m not even sure I want to know what happened. I just want to be left alone. Maybe I should just drop this whole idea, be focused on getting out of here and never consider going back.

On a brighter note, I’m really looking forward to tonight, which is pizza night. Kerstin told me I need to gain some weight. I’m too skinny, which according to her makes me look unhealthy. So the pizza is her treat, which makes me feel a little bit better. Finding Kerstin does seem like a very fortuitous coincidence, but I do think this sense of joy is temporary. I can’t rely on her indefinitely, I need to learn to look after myself and get myself ready for a future. And as that future potentially includes a lot of running and hiding, I should probably take up some kind of exercise. Since my encounter with Steve I felt extremely weak and vulnerable, but I’ve also read up on the health benefits of exercise. Maybe I’ll try running or yoga. Kerstin even offered to take me on a run with her.  

My to-do for the next weeks:

  • Find a way to save money
  • Find a way to make money to save
  • Find a way to get out of here (should have another look at the options getting out of the country. Is the eurotunnel an option?)
  • Find a way to decipher those net logs
  • Find a way to set up goals for the future besides being nice and generous to my new friends
  • Find a way to not use the phrase “Find a way”

Phew… I think the pizza just arrived. This feels like my first real break. Going to enjoy it.

End of episode 13. Share, like and follow for weekly updates. Thank you for reading. In the coming weeks I will be uploading a few extra posts. Stay tuned!

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