Archi’s Diary – Episode 14

Welcome to the next episode of Archi’s Diary, a weekly entry in my favorite amnesiac’s journal as he tries to adjust to a world he doesn’t remember. Now with a proper cover by Patrick Crooker. Go visit his website at

Episode 14 – April  2016ARCHISDIARY_CoverArtBlog

How do you keep a secret? Should you even try and keep a secret? But I’m jumping ahead of myself…

This past week has been great. Kerstin and her friends have helped me more than I could have ever expected. I have a kitchen job now (ironically, at the same cafe where I recently liberated some wallets), a safe place to stay and rest for a while. (I need lots of proper rest. Steve visited me once again this week, but it was a more amicable experience than usual. Only gave me slight night terrors and had me waking up choking on fear. No big deal, really…)

I feel ashamed that I’m keeping secrets from these wonderful people. I feel I should share what happened to me, just to tell someone… just to show them I reciprocate their trust. But how do I tell them the truth, or my version of the truth about me? Everything that happened since I left the institute sounds insane, even to me, they would probably think I lost my mind. I’m actively debating showing them the videos, but I don’t know how to introduce the whole thing… What should I say about their origin? If I lie, that’s probably worse than keeping it a secret. Besides, how do I explain my presence in the footage? And what do I tell them about the actual event? I don’t have answers, so how could I explain any of it? Besides, how do you tell someone you’ve killed? I can’t admit to murder, even if it was self-defence. Sigh…

Coming clean will have to wait in any case, as I haven’t seen Kerstin and the others since Monday. They went for a conference in Germany and then plan to travel around for a while. So they basically left me, a complete stranger, alone in their house. Fascinating and generous people, giving me this level of trust. So I decided to take care of the house as if it was my own. Pack the fridge, cook, clean and all that jazz.

I also continued working on the files from last week. I’ve managed to decipher what appears to be several independent projects that the institute is working on. I’ve also decided to refer to them as Koldberg from now on, it’s the official name after all, and it makes them more personal. It’s a way of identifying the ‘enemy’. I never thought it would come this far. I’m not even sure, if they are an enemy, although many things seem to indicate that. Let’s just say they’re people I need to learn more about. I decided to start mapping everything I discovered. Since I’m by myself, I’ve set up a little research area in the common room. The room has a large couch (don’t tell anyone that I prefer sleeping there as opposed to the tent), a TV connected to a gaming console, and a large dining table that now serves as my desk. All basic and functional.

On the wall I’ve hung a large world map I got from the bookstore, along with a bunch of post-its and markers to make notes. Some of the entries include timestamps with numbers that I believe are coordinates. So far I’ve added all those to the map and highlighted clusters of interest based on the project titles, along with any information I could easily discern. Besides Project Dee, which seems to cluster around Middle and South America, I found references to:

  • Project Clarke – clustered around the UK, and certain area in the US, such as Silicon Valley, plus some areas in China. Might be some kind to technology they’re developing or testing. One incident is marked right on top of Koldberg.
  • Project Jones – prevalent in Africa and the Middle East, but also to various places in Russia, Scandinavia and China. No other information on this one, could mean anything
  • Project Brehm – seems to focus on areas with a lot of nature (e.g. rainforests or remote tundra). References to flora and fauna are abundant.

I tried googling some of the names like Dee and Brehm with little success. Nothing really jumped out at me. There was a John Dee, advisor to the queen, and an Alfred Brehm, a German Zoologist, but does that mean anything? Historical and literary figures aside, I still have no idea what to look for without additional information. For all I know, they could be surnames of Project Managers, scientists at Koldberg, or picked at random from a book. Also, the file seems to have dependent files with more information, but I haven’t identified those yet. Not even sure if I have them. I’ll do a deeper dive into the files over the weekend.

I should also figure out a way to add the map and all my conclusions to my diary when I’m done, which might be a bit challenging since it is now literally covered in notes and scribbles. And I mean covered. The world is 70 percent water and if you use my map as a reference you would swear that water is yellow.

The timeline is also interesting. I don’t know what the individual events represent, the references to casualties are unnerving to say the least, but some seem to repeat themselves. It took me a day to realise that at least four events are recurring. Like the Machu Picchu incident, the first entry I found, has repeated itself seven times. Its anniversary is coming up in 6 weeks time. Maybe I should go and have a look for myself. Figure out what it is and what these people are up to. I only need to figure out how to travel halfway around the world without a passport, knowledge of the local language or any money to speak of, in less than five weeks. Sigh…

At least I’ll earn a little something tonight; I got another shift in the kitchen at the cafe. My third this week. I’m told Fridays can be really busy, but the barista promised me that when they have time, they will teach me some of the tricks of the trade, like how to make proper milk foam and draw shapes using the foam, a spoon and powdered cocoa. Can’t hurt to build my skillset a bit. 🙂

I still don’t know what to do about myself, but I’ve decided that I’m done being afraid. I need answers. And I’m going to get them somehow. Did I mention I found a few folders named Tools, which seem to contain web tools of some kind? So I’ll continue the research and play with the tools after my shift when I’m buzzing on caffeine.

Questions, questions, and more questions! At least I am making some kind of progress, I just don’t know what it’s towards.

End of episode 14. Share, like and follow for weekly updates. Stay tuned!

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