Archi’s Diary – Episode 16

Welcome to a new episode of Archi’s Diary, a weekly entry in my favorite amnesiac’s journal as he tries to adjust to a world he doesn’t remember.

Episode 16 – April  2016ARCHISDIARY_CoverArtBlog

Well, I didn’t make it back to the house in time to close the laptop, remove my research, or intercept the letter left by the authorities. So I took Kerstin and James on a picnic in the forest today to try and explain why their living room looks like Sherlock Holmes’s thinking room, why the police came to visit, and why I have weird videos of myself on my laptop.

I told them the truth. Sort of… since you don’t want to tell people, genuinely interested in your well-being and happiness, that you had to kill a human being to escape, I left out the whole Steve incident. But I dished everything else that happened up until today, including my waking up at Koldberg with an amnesia, my experiences with Willy, my escape with only a few things in my possession, the cache of files on the drive I subsequently lost, and finding the empty house with my passport in it. Naturally they had many many questions, most of which are still unanswered, as the answers are a mystery to me also.

I have to say, they took it all in strides. They had no real problem accepting my story, including my amnesia, they even insisted it might not be permanent, and I must have family and friends that miss me. A nice thought, but if the house is any indication of my prior circumstances, whatever those were, I probably wasn’t the most popular man. We even discussed the video with no real conclusion. My portal idea was dismissed outright as a special effect or some weird rendering artifact, which I couldn’t argue with. I don’t even know how it came about, so their guess is as good as mine. It raises the question though: why would someone create a false video record, what purpose would it serve?

What gave them trouble was accepting the fact that I lied to them from the start. I’m not sure what I could have said that wouldn’t have made me sound like a crazy person. I never intended to lie, and it never felt right, but after I initially placated Kerstin, the whole thing got a life on its own. Not that it matters anymore. They trusted me, and I violated that trust, so they asked me to leave as soon as I felt ready. I’m an unknown quantity, and I can’t blame them really. I can only be grateful for all they’ve done for me so far.

So I’ve decided to leave as soon as I can. Not exactly how I imagined our parting ways, but probably for the best, considering the police, or someone worse might come looking for me. Getting arrested probably didn’t go unnoticed, something must have registered somewhere, and if anyone is looking for me… I don’t know. Maybe it’s just paranoia, but ever since the arrest, I’ve been looking over my shoulder, as if Koldberg would knock on the door the next second. So far nothing happened, but that doesn’t mean they’re not out there. James told me everyone feels that way, just like everyone feels a sense of existential dread or hunger from time to time. Not sure if he was serious. The point is, I don’t want to involve Kerstin and her friends any longer, they’ve risked enough as it is. They gave me a chance to get a break, which I’ll never forget, but I was deluding myself thinking I can hide here for long. I really should take some time to get my shit together. With some money in my pocket, it also feels like I finally have a fighting chance.

The files I was studying (the recurring event described in Project Dee) gave me an idea where to go next. So I’m going to take a chance at Chichen Itza. The event always happened on May 1st, so if I can get there ahead of time, I might be able to see what this event really is. Getting on a plane with my own passport is risky, but since the police didn’t arrest me for murder, I trust I’ll be able to get out of the country. Kerstin promised to help me buy a ticket today so I can fly out as soon as possible. If I’m being honest, considering other expenses, I only have enough for an outbound ticket, but I don’t really feel the need to return here anytime soon. After Chichen Itza, depending on what happens, I might spend some time exploring the Yucatan. Get some thinking done, work more with these files, get my head straight.

Side note: I might send Willy a postcard from the Yucatan. I miss him a lot. All those good nights under the moon… I feel sort of a kinship with him, like he knew me and my pain, or at least understood me better than most people I’ve encountered.

Anyway… Tonight’s to-do:

  • Get ticket
  • Pack for the trip
  • Set goals

Later I’ll have a little going away party with James and Kerstin. Hopefully we’ll meet again when I managed to sort things out.

End of episode 16. Share, like and follow for weekly updates. Stay tuned!

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