Chasing Ice with Torben Jensen

Got interviewed about my trip to Greenland in 2009. 🙂 And got a chance to share my pictures from the trip. Have a read and give the writer a follow.


imgp0506Torben is a fellow writer and avid traveler. Apart from writing and traveling, his passion is anything related to books, which he also frequently blogs about. This time, however, we shared some stories about his trip to Greenland over a cozy meal in a small Irish town.

Greenland might seem an odd choice for a place to visit. Why did you pick it?
I didn’t actually choose Greenland as much; it was offered by my University as a study trip to explore Greenlandic culture and its importance to Denmark’s little known colonial history. To be completely frank, I mainly used it to avail myself of a free trip to experience some dramatic geography and a part of Denmark that many Danes will never see in person, which was outside the trip’s intended purpose.

Did you have any expectations before your journey?
To see ice. Lots and lots of ice. And I…

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