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On reading audiobooks

Listening to books
Listening to books

The headline originally said “Audibook”, which is probably an interesting read, but no. No books made from a TT here. The real focus will be on reading, or rather, consuming audiobooks. And apparently its a contentious topic for some people. “Its not reading” is a common claim seeming to indicate that its a lesser form of consumption or maybe cheapens the reading experience or maybe even reading for dummies. So I sat down and considered it. Not that its for dummies, but how audiobooks differ from paper books in very real ways and in less obvious ways. Continue reading On reading audiobooks

The Bath and The Book

castlekaticeditedThe relationship between the bathtub and the book is a complicated one. On one hand it’s unquestionably supreme relaxation, on the other hand an continuous frustration-filled process of milieu management. Sure, the idea of lounging in a gorgeous bubble bath, sipping a glass of Merlot, surrounded by artistically streaked wax candles on every non-flammable surface, and reading the latest and greatest from your favourite author is amazing. But is it? Is it really…? And note: this is my own experience so you may agree or disagree. Continue reading The Bath and The Book

Where to Read

SONY DSCI’m stuck in a mental dispute between my attitude towards the reading experience and the reality of reading. I want to read. A lot. My attitude towards reading is that any-when and anywhere should be a potential opportunity to consume something, be it poetry, fan fiction or the latest Gaiman novel. At rock concerts, under water, and in active war zones, while admittedly less than suitable for an optimal reading experience, should all be options. I bought a Kindle specifically to carry a substantial library with me without destroying my spine. But has my Kindle seen much use outside my living room? In a word: NO. Continue reading Where to Read