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Showdown: Book vs. E-reader

SONY DSCE-reader and book will have to find a way to co-exist. I spoke with book and it’s clear that it’s jealous of e-reader’s portability and adaptability, but snorted derisively its limited resolution and inability to display colour. E-reader responded by downloading the full bibliography of Stephen King and blowing a raspberry. Then book turned off the WiFi just to make a point about needing an infrastructure to function, but e-reader thought little of this as it perused its library of 598 books for something less snooze-worthy to listen to. Book then distracted e-reader with a full page glossy colour print of a turnip, and then punched him squarely in the screen. I left before it got ugly. E-reader ended up with a scratched screen and book without a back cover. Sigh… Kids these days. Continue reading Showdown: Book vs. E-reader