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Wanted: Script Sceptic

Sorry for the break between posts. Life seems to be throwing un-catchable curve balls covered in goo and rusty nails these days, but I aim to get a post up every two weeks from now on. Even if the next ball makes me move countries. Who knows…. Here we go:

Everything in writing.
Get Everything in  Writing. Seriously.

Hollywood movie makers need to implement a new position in their production team. I would suggest calling it Script Sceptic but BS Manager would be more accurate. We’ve all experienced it. When going to watch the latest blockbuster to come out of the Wood, we accept that some suspension of belief is necessary and acceptable for the experience. It’s OK that the hero can survive some improbable event, that the odds of character A and character B meeting in that city with those people at the time is unlikely, but a properly constructed narrative will keep the suspension active. Continue reading Wanted: Script Sceptic